50% Off Student Waxing

Up to 50% off student waxing, Brazilians, brows and laser hair removal at Waxnlaser but sorry, you will need to work for your discounts!

As you know, we're quite busy and we want you to have a great experience but sometimes cash can be in short supply (well, if you're a student, it's most of the time really Cry).

So here's a great idea!

People sometimes can't make it to their appointments and we get the dreaded "cancellation". We can't always fill these short-notice appointment slots.

So... what if we let poor, cash-strapped, will-do-anything-for-a-buck students submit a request to be on a wait-list for a cancelled appoinment and then give you a discount because you're helping us out?


Is that student abuse? Hmmmm might be.

But if you're OK being manipulated by money and you need some really great waxing cheap, then go to the appointment page for the Waxnlaser clinic nearest to you and submit a request to go on a wait-list.

Choose the clinic nearest to you here.

How it Works

In your wait-list request you get to say what service you want, when you are available and how much of a discount you want. The clinic receives this as an email.

We gather all the requests and when we have a cancellation we will call the best fit to offer the appointment, probably at quite short notice.

There's no guarantee you will get an appointment, especially at real busy times, but keep trying because you will probably get in eventually.