Female Waxing Experts


As specialists our therapists are the best you will find.

Our special wax is gentle on your skin and our strict hygeine and attention to detail will leave you completely statisfied. GUARANTEED

  • facial waxing - lip, chin and sides
  • under arm waxing
  • arm waxing
  • leg waxing
  • body waxing

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Our technical expertise doesn't stop at Brazilian waxing we are also experts at female face and body waxing. The key to a good wax is a clean finish with no hairs or wax left behind and no irritation. We use our very gentle hot wax with facial waxing and body waxing is done with strip wax applied using a heated cartridge system.

Folliculitus or Cellulitus

Both folliculitus, an infection of the hair follicles and cellulitus, a skin infection can be contracted from waxing through the temporarily open hair follicles.

Unhygenic conditions during waxing significantly increase the risk but even when every precaution has been taken there are still risks. Contamination by clothing, by touching, by exercising or swimming and even from someone with a sore throat can introduce infection.

If there's a problem give us a call - don't wait.

Histamine Reaction

Often the skin turns red after a wax and sometimes the hair folliciles swell and become red and irritated. This is not folliculitus but your body's natural reaction to the "injury" caused by the waxing. The redness will go down in a few hours but if skin is very irritated use an anti-histamine or try lavender essential oil.


If the red angry bumps around the hair follicles persist for more than a day and seem to be getting worse they may have become infected.


Further information can be found here.


Is redness and swelling of the skin, most commonly on your arm or leg. The skin will be hot and tender to touch. This is a potentially much more serious infection and you can become rapidly unwell - 3 to 4 days.

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