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If you want to get smooth, soft and silky, you need to see the Boss. How does over 1,000 Brazilian waxes per month, every month, for over a decade sound?

Painless Brazilian waxing - no problem. And sometimes, faster is just better.

Our therapists are the experts. Full stop. You come, we wax, you smile!

Female Brazilians

This is not an easy wax to get right. 

Your first time? No problem. Step into the privacy of of a Waxnlaser waxing room and join the thousands of others who step out and say; "that wasn't as bad as I thought".

We literally do hundreds of Brazilians per week. We can look after you. Join the #SmoothSociety

Male Brazilians

Whilst we don't do nearly as many of these tricky little numbers as we do female Brazilians,our waxing experts have the know-how if you want to de-fuzz.


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Go retro with the Waxnlaser Brazalini® invented by Waxnlaser as a cross between a bikini wax and a Brazilian. It keeps you "bushy" on top but tidy in-between and out the back. Perfect!

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Brazilian Questions)

Do I need to do anything before my Brazilian wax?

No, however we ask you to be clean.

I shave now, when can I wax (How long should my hair be)?

Generally wait at least 3 weeks since the last time you shaved so the hair will be long enough to wax. (think Basmati rice grain length.)

It's my first wax, what should I expect?

The first wax after shaving can be more painful than usual because there are generally more hairs in the area. The pain gets much less as you become a regular waxer. Some hairs will "seem to" grow back more quickly the first wax after shaving because they're just under the skin. However after about your third wax the hair growth "seems" to slow down as it gets "in sync" and the hair becomes softer.

What do I do after my Brazilian wax?

We recommend no heavy exercise, where you will break out in a sweat, within 2 to 3 hours to give the follicles time to heal and close (reduces chances of infection). Swimming, spray tanning, and saunas are not recommended within 12 hours of waxing. Wait 2 to 4 weeks after waxing for any deep exfoliation of the waxed area such as microdermabrasion, peels or laser treatments.

Do I need to wear special clothing?

No, although things may be a little irritated for an hour or two after the wax so comfortable underwear may be wise but certainly not essential.

Is it painful?

It can be painful and if you're sensitive we recommend you take some pain killers an hour or so before the wax. The Waxnlaser therapists use a waxing technique that is really gentle (like some nurses can take off a sticking plaster less painfully than others!). The hot wax we use is fantastic and eases most of the discomfort. Most (but certainly not all) of our "first timers" come out of the room and tell us it was much less painful than they were expecting. But it still can hurt.

What if it's that time of the month?

It's not a great time to be waxed as you will be way more sensitive than usual and we usually recommend you wait for a day or two. However it's over to you. Our therapists are fine waxing you at this time so long as it's under control.

Is it safe when I'm pregnant?

Yes there's nothing in our wax that can cause problems and our beds can be adjusted if you can't. Some well organised mothers have a Brazilian a day or two before their due date just to be tidy for the big occaision.

What can I do about ingrown hair spots?

Ingrown hairs are common after Brazilian waxing because of the "curly" nature of this type of hair (the new hair curls under the skin instead of growing out through the skin). We will recommend one of our carefully selected ingrown hair prevention remedies and regular exfoliation with a quality mit as the usual course of action.