Laser Hair Reduction Information

Not all laser hair removal is effective

Finding the best way through all the claims is difficult. Terms such as "gold standard" and "medical grade" or even "hair removal" are used by everyone but not all lasers are real lasers and not all hair removal clinics are the same.


Hair Removal or Hair Reduction?

Right up-front we need to be clear that "laser hair removal" is term used quite incorrectly by many clinics offering laser hair reduction treatments. Although laser is an effective permanent hair removal method ALL the hair is never removed. So it can't accurately be called hair "removal"

After a series of treatments the level of dark hair in the area will be permanently reduced, sometimes up to 90%. However there will always be some fine, light coloured or "untreatable" hair remaining. More about this and other interesting information will be provided to you at your free consultation with one of the Waxnlaser laser hair removal therapists.

Grey, blonde or red laser hair removal

Sadly, even with the best laser hair removal equipment it is at best difficult and at worst impossible to effectively remove hair that is lightly coloured - grey, blonde or red.

Waxnlaser's laser hair removal equipment is the only machine that uses two energy sources. Firstly light, which needs the pigment in the hair to work and secondly an electrical current, which does not need hair pigment to work. 

The advantage of two energy sources improves Waxnlaser's ability to permanently remove light coloured hair however our experience also allows us to provide you with an accurate assessment of what we can and can't do during your consulation.


We are aware of one IPL machine available in NZ being advertised as capable of reducing blonde hair. The Adéna has French patents and is said to work by targetting the blood supply of the hair rather than the pigmentation. Waxnlaser has reviewed this machine for use in our clinics and we are not convinced that the technology can be relied apon.

IPL laser hair removal

IPL (also described as VPL and SPL), which means Intense Pulse Light (or Variable Pulsed Light and Square Pulsed Light - all the same thing) is often described as "laser hair removal".

Generally IPL is best used for skin rejuvenation treatments and laser is best for hair removal.

IPL vs Laser Hair Removal

IPL versus Laser can be described by referring to how these technologies actually work. Both are light based but IPL is a "broad spectrum or multiple wave length" light and, similar to a hand slap, it works on the surface of the skin but doesn't penetrate too far below the skin surface. Lasers are a single wave length light, similar to a needle, and penetrate far deeper.

The hair follicles need to be reached by the light for effective hair removal and they are usually set deeply in the skin and so are better treated with the deeper penetrating laser.

The 810 nm laser wavelength used by Waxnlaser for laser hair removal has been determined by scientists and certified by medical authorities world-wide as the best wavelength for hair removal.

Painfree laser hair removal

The pain of laser hair removal is of concern to some. Although the pain is "not so bad" there has been much attention given to this subject over the years and to providing "pain-free" laser.

Understanding what causes the pain helps.

Laser hair removal (and IPL hair removal) provides a "rush" of energy to the skin. The more energy the better the hair removal result however the more energy the bigger the "rush".

Low Energy Laser or IPL

Some laser hair removal machines are almost pain-less because they don't give out much energy. These are often the "cheaper" poor quality equipment and in these cases low pain = little to no hair removal.

Syneron-Candela GentleLASE

The GentleLASE uses an Alexandrite laser at 755 nm and this wavelength does "feel" less painfull while still being effective for permanent hair removal. This equipment also has good pain relief by super cooling the skin during treatment, which really reduces pain. A GentleLASE is only suitable for lighter skin colour and shouldn't be used on darker or tanned skin without a higher risk of burning.

Syneron-Candela Elos Plus Laser

The 810 nm Diode Elos Plus lasers used by Waxnlaser can be relatively more painfull than the GentleLASE (both made by the same company). However this system is also more effective for hair reduction and can treat all skin colours, right up to the darkest skin colour. Waxnlaser provide pain relief using a seperate powerful skin cooling machine.

SHR or MOTIF Laser Hair Removal

Waxnlaser have recently replaced their Syneron Elos lasers with the latest models with new technology providing a break-through in "pain free" laser hair removal.

SHR or Super Hair Removal avoids the "rush" of energy that a single pulse gives by instead "painting" a part of the treament area with multiple low-energy pulses and gently heating the hair follicle over a short time (60-80 seconds).

Why our lasers work

Waxnlaser has chosen the well-proven ELOS 810nm diode laser with an additional RF energy made by Syneron-Candela. This technology is backed by a library of independent clinical proof and certification from worldwide medical authorities. We have used this technology for 10 years on thousands of clients and it works.

ELOS is Special

As demonstrated in the short video (opposite), in a split-second the ELOS fires two completely different types of energy at the hair follicle from very powerful sources.

Unlike other lasers, the ELOS laser head has electrodes each side. First the laser beam shoots out from the laser head and penetrates beneath the skin rapidly heating the hair follicle. Then, an instant later, an electrical current from the electrodes passes through the path heated by the laser adding further heat to the area.

As a consequence the dual energies provide a very effective delivery of sufficient heat to "kill" the hair follicle so it will never grow another hair. Ever!

Safest Lasers Available

The ElŌS lasers used by Waxnlaser are the only machines with Active Dermal Monitoring™, a safety technology to help prevent under or over treating that can lead to poor results or burning. It works by measuring the temperature change before and after each laser pulse using the unique electrodes on the laser head and allowing the operator to know exactly how to treat.



Worried about Pain?

Waxnlaser offers you natural pain-relief using the Synercool cooler a hi-tech refrigerator used to blow out air cooled to -30deg C. The cool air is directed onto your skin and numbs the area before and after treatment. Where possible, you are given the option of holding the cooler and directing the airflow and maintain your own comfort levels