Our #AlwaysReady Guarantee

Remove the risk* of laser hair reduction.

The Waxnlaser  #AlwaysReady™  programme entitles you to a personalised laser hair reduction course aiming for a guaranteed long-term reduction in hair.*


How does the guarantee start?

If we agree you have not achieved our estimated hair reduction percentage by the end of your initial treatment course the guarantee period will start (details below).


What you must do

The initial treatment course is set out in your Personal Treatment Plan and quotation. For your guarantee to remain valid, you must:

1. Keep to the recommended treatment intervals.

2. Follow the before and after care prescribed by your Laser Therapist, e.g. adequate sun protection for the treatment area.

3. Arrive for your appointments with the area to be treated ready for treatment, e.g. shaved, not tanned, clean & cosmetic free.


How does the guarantee work?

During a 12 month guarantee period Waxnlaser will provide you with additional treatments (up to 5 sessions 12 weeks apart) at no further cost. (The guarantee period timing starts immediately following the end of your Personal Treatment Plan treatment course).


Other Terms & Conditions

1. If you need to stop treatments within your treatment course period for any reason (for example pregnancy), the guarantee is invalidated.

2. Guarantees are restricted to the initial body area that has been agreed to be treated.

2. Guarantees cannot be transferred between Waxnlaser clinics.

3. Guarantees do not apply if you have an underlying medical condition that adversely affects long-term results (will be discussed at your free consultation). Waxnlaser has an alternative programme for you.


*Some hair may not be treatable. (We will do our best to explain to you at your free consultation and during your laser course what is meant by "untreatable" hair).


The Waxnlaser Promise

1. TRUTH - Waxnlaser will tell you the truth about what we can and can't achieve. We will not accept you for treatment when we know we can't give you a good result.

2. ETHICAL PRESCRIBING - Waxnlaser will schedule your appointments at the correct intervals best for you and will not give you unecessary treatments.

3. QUALITY - Waxnlaser will use the best technology and safest equipment available in the world. Our Elos Diode lasers are true lasers (not IPL, VPL or SPL machines being called "lasers" when they aren't lasers at all).

4. EXPERIENCE - Waxnlaser are hair removal specialists with over 15 years of laser/IPL experience.Our laser therapists are all fully trained, certified and competent.

4. REPUTATION - As specialists our business and our brand depends on referrals. There's a dilemma in our industry - satisfied laser clients do not come back (because their problem has been permanently resolved). Ask around, our reputation is good.