Laser Hair Removal

Waxnlaser are Wellington's Leading Hair Removal Specialists


We have the best equipment in Wellington for laser hair reduction.

  • Real lasers from the world's leading supplier. The only machines in Wellington with double energy (laser + RF) that use 810 nm diode technology invented specifically for hair reduction. Particularly effective whatever skin colour.


We have the safest equipment in Wellington for laser hair reduction.

  • The computers in our lasers measure the energy change under your skin with every pulse to prevent burning (or under treating). No other lasers in Wellington do this.

We do more dark-skin treatments than anybody else.

  • Our lasers have a long-pulse mode fantastic for treating darker skin tones effectively and safely. Over the years we have built a large client base with many referrals.


We do ethical prescribing based on your personal hair growth cycles.

  • We either tell you when you are unsuitable for treatment (and don't take your money) or schedule the correct number of weeks between treatments to get optimum results for you. Laser treatments scheduled too closely together just cost you more without benefit. Explained further at your free consultation.


We choose the highest level of training possible for our laser therapists.

  • We have been using laser and IPL in New Zealand since it first became available (over 15 years). Our laser therapists are certified as Level 3 Advanced Laser Technicians and they are qualified to the Queensland Laser Safety standards (the only government regulations available in Australasia).

Our reputation and business completely depend on being able to provide you with effective permanent hair reduction. We are Wellington's leading specialist and still growing.


We guarantee our work.