We Know Brows

There's no one eyebrow shape that fits all. That's why we start with your face first and have your brows working with your natural shape and colour.


Our brow artists can give you the structure you want. So put your best brow forward.

In-Room Brow Bar

Our In-Room Brow Bars are where your Waxnlaser brow artist will craft you a perfect set of eyebrows - in privacy and on comfortable adjustable beauty chairs.


Natural eyebrow shaping, not forced or fake just beautiful eyebrows!


You can trust Waxnlaser with your eyebrows in Wellington.





  Eyebrow Shape                       $22

  Eyebrow Tint                            $22

  Eyelash Tint                             $25

  Any 2                                        $40

  Any 3                                        $55

  Eyebrow Groom (shape & fill)  $40






Billion Dollar Brows BDB_Poster.jpg


The only cosmetic company dedicated to eyebrows. 

BDB is all about achieving the perfect brows. To grow them, fill them in and shape them.

Waxnlaser use and supply the Billion Dollar Brow products specifically designed for enhancing your brows.

Ask about our $40 Brow Groom where you will receive a complete eyebrows make-over and personal instructions how to care for your brows at home.

Eyebrows Fashion

Rewind 25 years and it was supreme arches above Brooke Shield's green eyes in Blue Lagoon that started a brow revolution.

Today, it's Cara Delevingne's natural power brows that have captured the attention of the beauty world.

The full brow is back - and some are even calling this the year of the brow!

Put down your tweezers, let the eyebrow hairs grow back and book in a brow groom so your Waxnlaser brow artist can demonstrate what might work best for your type of eyebrows.

Lash Tint

Perfected your eyebrows? Then it's time to grow and tint your eye lashes.


Eye lash tinting is the only beauty treatment available at Waxnlaser that isn't hair removal. But it's a natural add-on to eyebrow shaping and the Waxnlaser beauty therapists are so good at it too.



LiLash is a hair growing serum that absolutely works to grow long lush eye lashes. Mention Lilash to any Waxnlaser beauty therapist and she won't stop talking for half an hour. They are so excited by this product.

Naturally we recommend LiLash. Talk to your therapist.