Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Looking for a way to stop plucking facial hair? Electrolysis is an alternative to laser for permanent removal of facial hair. Waxnlaser are electrolysis experts.


This time-tested method of permanent removal of hair is done by destroying individual hair follicles with a special electrolysis machine and expert operator.


Electrolysis can be used on any part of the body but is best suited to the small localised areas of facial hair such as lip & chin.

Overcomes Hair Colour Issues

Unlike laser hair reduction, electrolysis can treat any hair colour.

Laser needs colour to convert light energy into heat but with electrolysis the therapist visually selects the hairs to be treated.

How Does Electrolysis Work?

An electrolysis probe is skilfully inserted into the shaft of each hair follicle and a small electric current is delivered to destroy the dermal paplla (the hair matrix germ cells).



During an electrolysis treatment your therapist will treat individual hairs one at a time. On average it takes around 1 minute per hair.

Electrolysis treatments are priced according to the treatment times as follows:

15 minutes        $40

25 minutes        $50

35 minutes        $60

It takes quite a lot of concentration for the therapist so to be safe we limit treatment times to a maximum of 35 minutes.

The hair growth cycle is just as important with electrolysis as with laser. The hairs must be in their growing stage (anagen) and so re-booking intervals are generally 3-4 weeks apart to coincide with the growing cycle of facial hair.


Free Consultation

We offer you a free consultation with one of our laser or electrolysis therapists where you can talk through the best approach to manage your excess-hair issues.

We are very friendly and helpful and there's never any pressure or obligation for you to go ahead with treatment.

If you would like to talk to us you can book a consultation at the Waxnlaser clinic nearest you by clicking here.

Waxnlaser introduced electrolysis...

Because laser hair removal may not be effective on some lighter coloured, deeper set or very large hair follicles. Particularly on the face.

Electrolysis or Laser?

Electrolysis can be used to complete a laser treatment and target the few hairs left over after a course of laser treatments.

The electrolysis treatment is performed by the highly trained Waxnlaser therapists who hold an internationally recognised qualification.

  • Our Carlton digital electrolysis equipment has been purchased from the UK and is the best available.
  • Our hygeine and cleanliness standards are as is usual at Waxnlaser, the best you will find anywhere.

FDA Approved

The U.S. Food and drug Administration (FDA) recognises electrology as a hair removal method providing permanent results. The FDA identification in Title 21, CFR, Sec. 878.5350 for needle type epilators is: " a device intended to remove the hair by destroying the dermal papilla of a hair".