Alkaline Wash Fluffy Hair Removal

Want to get rid of your white fuzzy fluffy facial hair? Don't wax or laser it! You need alkaline wash and Waxnlaser are the Wellington experts for this specialised treatment.


Alkaline Wash is a special treatment designed to eliminate the fine downy (vellus) hair on your face. This type of hair shouldn't be waxed and is difficult to treat with electrolysis or laser.

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How does it work?

Alkaline Wash is a potent alkaline powder mixed into a paste and applied to your skin for approximately 4-5 minutes by a qualified Waxnlaser therapist. The treatment works by dissolving the hair and entering the hair shaft to weaken the papilla that grows the hair.

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Frequently Asked Quesstions


What About My Skin?

Like a mild facial peel an Alkaline Wash can improve skin texture however you may experience dry skin for up to 7 days, particularly after the first treatment, and our pricing for the first treatment includes a post peel healing product. Your therapist will advise which is best for your skin.

Is it Permanent?

After the first treatment your hair will grow back at its normal rate (3-4 weeks), but as you have more treatments over time regrowth can be slower.

Some clients are extremely happy to report significant reductions in hair regrowth with the time between treatments lasting many months. However there's no guarantee this will happen for everyone as the long term effects are dependant on the type of hair and each person's individual situation.

How does it feel?

The treatment is pain free. In some cases the area treated can appear red and irritated. This is normal and will go away in a few hours.

Is Alkaline Wash better than waxing?

Alkaline Wash is better for facial hair removal because your hair will not grow back stronger, as can happen with waxing and there's a chance it may be permanently reduced instead.