Waxnlaser is a specialist waxing and laser hair removal beauty clinic.

We GUARANTEE the best wax or laser hair removal treatment or your money back.


As Brazilian waxing specialists we perform over 1,000 Brazilian wax treatments a month in our Wellington, Lower Hutt and Hamilton clinics. A Brazilian wax at Waxnlaser will be the cleanest, fastest, most hygenic and least painful Brazilian wax you will get anywhere. GUARANTEED.


As waxing specialists you will find our therapists are passionate about offering you a great waxing experience every time. Waxnlaser takes waxing in Wellington, Lower Hutt and Hamilton to a new level. GUARANTEED.


Eyebrows shape play a key role in how you look. Waxnlaser therapists often have a huge following of happy eyebrow disciples who just love how their brows are shaped. For eyebow shaping in Wellington, Lower Hutt and Hamilton you can trust Waxnlaser. GUARANTEED.


Laser Hair Removal

To get effective and safe permanent laser hair removal in Wellington, Lower Hutt and Hamilton  you need the very latest laser technology combined with properly trained and experienced technicians. Waxnlaser will give you the highest quality, most effective and safest laser hair removal available today. GUARANTEED.