Discounted Appointment Wait-List Request

Use this form to request to be put on our Wait-List for a discounted appointment.

You will be called or sent a text if an appointment becomes available (generally at short-notice due to a cancellation). This service is very suitable for students who have flexible times and would like (need) a discount. Submission of this form does not necessarily mean you will get an appointment. 


Select the discount amount you would like for making yourself available at short-notice. If we give you an appointment we will honour the discount requested. However, if we have more than one request for the same appointment we will choose the one requesting the lowest discount Smile. How much are you willing to gamble?


Each request has a maximum validity of 24 hours. You will need to submit a new request if you didn't get an appointment after the "Your Availability" time has expired.

Fields marked with a * are required information.

North City - Porirua Appointment

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