Why Choose Waxnlaser?

At Waxnlaser we don't just "think" hair removal is something you should look forward to, we actually make it happen.

Join our #SmoothSociety to discover waxing as a pleasure, laser hair reduction by experts and selfie-ready eyebrows that just SCREAM gorgeous!



Waxnlaser were:

First in New Zealand to specialise in hair removal.

First to use real lasers for hair reduction treatments.

First to invent a custom wax needed to reach our technical quality levels.

First to introduce hygeine standards necessary for our ultra-safe treatments.

First to speed up waxing to times previously thought impossible.

Now many copy us and some even copy our name (they so much want to be like us) but Waxnlaser have always maintained our standards and we are buzzing to be Wellington's leading hair removal destination


Our greatest source of new clients is by referral from existing clients. Not just because we reward referrals but because people really want to share their experience with their friends. Come and see for yourself at one of our three Wellington locations; Midland Wellington CBD, North City Porirua and Queensgate Lower Hutt.

(When you recommend a friend to come to Waxnlaser for the first time, we reward you both! Your friend receives 20% off their first treatment and you receive 20% off your next treatment.)


Waxnlaser clinics are especially comfortable for male clients. We have a gender-neutral design and our "non frilly fix-it" approach is certainly aligned with the stereotypical male way of doing things. However all our therapists are female because most males seem to like that too.

Free Treatments using Points

Get FREE treatments using "points". We keep track of your purchases and 10% of the services you buy goes towards a free service of your choice. Check your "points" total with our receptionist or look at the bottom of your last receipt to see what your total is today. (To qualify you must be able to fully pay for the free treatment with your points.



No Shows & Late Cancelations Policy

"No Shows" and "Late Cancellations" are when you don't arrive for an appointment you have booked or cancel on the day of the appointment. We keep track of these and too many (say 3-4 in a year) may result in us asking you to "prepay" for any future appointments. If you then "No Show" or "Late Cancel" a prepaid appointment we will charge you full price for it. We are pretty flexible with this policy and understand how busy you are, however if we can all be respectful of each others time then there will not be a problem.

Vouchers May Be Cancelled

From time to time we may give you a voucher for a free treatment. If you book then "No Show" or "Late Cancel" your free treatment we reserve the right to treat this as if we gave you the service and cancel your voucher.

We have no problem if you rebook a free treatment with appropriate notice (at least the day before).